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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Manage Account Offer

As trader
Psychology trading, emotional  and money management control very important,  failure it will make your account suffering losing all of your money. Everyone had loss before, but how u manage your losses? how u regain it back?. My experience since 6 years of trading enough make me fully understand how to control my loss and gain my profit at least i am survived from continuously loss.

As account manager
I am not giving guarantee profit to you but i will try to grow it as high as i can, remember Forex business is very high risk investment. so ask yourself before u decide to join my program. Remind you again, think and plan before you join. Promises and super huge profit is not my offer. I just do this for helping many trader out there since i think constantly and emotional is the most and number 1 Forex Trader enemy.
By making low profit and consistently, i do believe i can help u for managing account. I will trade your own account,  you will pay me AFTER my request for withdrawal your account in ratio 30% of profit sharing.

If u willing to lose another 150USD as minimum  for this program. then here the step
1. Optional- open new XM account under this LINK or *just give me your MT4 account logins
2. Deposit minimum 150USD
3. Email me bobkehek@gmail.com or FB private message the MT4 Account number and trading password.
4. Everyone can monitor all account at forexfactory
5. Term is one month, my service will be pay after my request

* Provide me broker name, account number and trading password, term will charge for 40% profit sharing as my service.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Panduan Buka Account

Nama, No Tel dan Email yg valid

Nota : Isi butiran kediaman mengunakan alamat surat menyurat seperti bil ataupun penyata bank.
Jenis Akaun - senarai akaun http://www.xm.com/account-types

Monday, July 29, 2013

AU trading after news

as expected AUD/USD will continue down rally i gain good pip after news impact powerful of Zone A HH1